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Magnastix 120-Piece Set

Basic magnetic construction kit for creating amazing structures!

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₱ 650.00

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Magnastix is a magnetic construction toy consisting of a combination of plastic building pieces containing embedded neodymium magnets, and steel bearing balls that can be connected to each other to form geometric shapes and structures. This set comes with 72 magnetic rods and 48 steel spheres. Perfect for first-timers!

Create exciting structures! Go beyond the limit!

create spheres with Magnastix

create pyramids with Magnastix

create different structures with Magnastix

There are plenty of sources for ideas all over the internet from different manufacturers:
Geomag Masters
Texto Digital

Product Features

  • Each magnetic stick can magnetize up to 4 spheres
  • Total weight: 900 grams
  • For ages 3 and up

What's Included

  • 72 magnetic rods
  • 48 steel spheres
  • Packaged in a box

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